Yellow Sticky Aphid & Whitefly Monitoring Trap 5 Pack

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TRAP-SB5Y - Yellow Sticky Aphid & Whitefly Trap

Reduce or eliminate pest by trapping! It contains a non-toxic odorless adhesive which is very effective. Millions of these traps have been used by alert greenhouse growers, orchardists, universities and vintners.


  • Whiteflies
  • Aphids
  • Leafhoppers
  • Froghoppers

Easy-to-open 4"x7" trap reverse folds to expose 4"x14" sticky (yellow or blue) surface with grid for precision monitoring purposes. Approximately 30 square inch adhesive area.
Non-poisonous and weatherproof. Punched with hole and twist-tie provided to easily hang trap. Easy to handle and count insects without getting sticky.

Packs of 5