Diglyphus isaea - 250 Adults (Vial)

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 These are live insects and MUST be shipped OVERNIGHT. No USPS or ground shipping.



Light to Moderate  1 per 10 sq. ft.


TARGET PEST: Several species of Leafminer pests.

DESCRIPTION: These small wasps parasitize leafminer larvae in field and greenhouse crops. The parasitic wasp lays its eggs in or next to leaf miner larvae of the second and third instar. The young parasite larvae hatch from these eggs, and will then feed on the body fluids of the larvae.

It is best to release the diglyphus when the first 2nd instar leafminer larvae are found. Approximately 1 diglyphus should be released per 10 sq. ft., weekly for several weeks since the leafminer pest has a short period of venerability to the Diglyphus wasp.

Introduce the beneficial as soon as possible after receipt, best if at the evening hours. Simply open the container-walk through the area and allow the wasps to fly out of the container.