Rescue Reusable Outdoor Fly Trap


Package contains one fly trap and one lure.

This fly trap is a simple, economical way to keep flies at bay. Designed to control fly populations at the source, these traps use a food-based lure that flies find irresistible. The trap comes with a water-soluble pouch of powder attractant. When the jar is filled with warm water and the trap is placed outdoors, the attractant dissolves and activates quickly. Simply replace the used attractant with a refill packet to allow this trap to be reused again and again.


House flies, lesser house fly, cluster fly, lance fly, secondary screwworm fly, flesh fly, false stable fly, blow flies, and bottle flies.



  1. Unscrew lid and remove foil pouch.
  2. Tear open pouch at tabs and drop inner packet into trap.
  3. Add water to the fill line.
  4. While holding lid in both hands, press up on the code until the top piece snaps into place, creating an entrance for flies.
  5. Replace lid securely.
  6. Hang outdoors near fly source.


Weather conditions affect fly activity and trap effectiveness. In hotter temperatures, place traps in shade. In cooler temperatures, flies will be more active where it's warmer, so hang in sun-exposed areas.

Keep flies away for longer with replacement lures. Simply empty the trap and replace with new lure when trap dries out or becomes full.


Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated location out of reach of pets and livestock. Lure effective up to 30 days.