Mycostop Biofungicide for Disease Control

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Target Role:
Promotes plant growth while controlling damping-off, wilt and root diseases.


• Contains a naturally occurring bacterial strain isolated from Sphagnum peat
• A reliable tool to control damping-off, wilt and root diseases
• Promotes plant growth
• Induces plant defense mechanisms
• Effective in an organic and inorganic growing medium
• Approved for organic horticulture
• Compatible with biological and integrated pest management programs
• No risk of resistance
• Long-lasting impact on the entire plant
• Safe for humans, the environment and beneficial

Unopened packages stored in a cool (at or below +8°C or 46.4°F) and dry location have a viable shelf life of 12 months. Compatibility with other pesticides MYCOSTOP is safe for beneficials. It is compatible with most chemical pesticides and can be used in integrated pest management programs. As a bacterium, MYCOSTOP has a high tolerance to chemical fungicides.